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Friday, May 20, 2011

I Can't Sign In To Yahoo Messenger!

No doubt, Yahoo made a great impact on the online market and its services are being considered as one of the best.

But, there are different issues coming out nowadays from computer users around the globe. Hard to log in, can't sign in and can not access are the most common troubles experience when using Yahoo products. Yahoo Messenger is the top concern of non expert computer users who uses its services for business and personal interest.

Others opinion stated that it was the new system implemented by Yahoo developer to prevent abuse and against its terms. Spamming is widely spreading. Is this the reason why its hard to sign in?

I, myself have experienced this. Unable to log in for a few months. I tried to figure out myself what caused this problems. I did uninstall and reinstall Yahoo Messenger software, create new account and tried to sign in, but to no luck I still can not log in my account.

Then, I researched and found out that Yahoo products rely its connection through Windows Internet Explorer. Which means, that if its hard to log in to Yahoo Messenger, the Internet Explorer in our windows is not establishing a stable connection on the Internet.

To solve this problem, what need to do is upgrade the Internet Explorer to its latest version. My suggestion is Internet Explorer 8.

What about computers using different Internet browser? It doesn't matter. To improve the connection of Yahoo Messenger, install the latest version of Internet Explorer that is compatible with the user's present operating system. Just install it and the users can still use other browser that they want.

For the Yahoo Messenger, it is advisable to uninstall and reinstall the software after upgrading the Internet Explorer. Much better to install is Yahoo Messenger 10 with voice call. Restart the computer to complete the process.

When the user try to sign in again, in just seconds it will be successful.

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